A Bear and Two Cats

Hi reader!

I figured what better way to start this blog than to tell you a bit more about me and my everyday life.


I refer to my husband as Bear, but for the sake of my readers, I will just refer to him as my husband. People might be puzzled otherwise πŸ˜‰ We met at work when I told him a corny IT joke that I won’t ever live down. However, I must say it worked as we ended up married 2 years later!

Husband loves to game. At the moment, he’s engrossed in Fortnite and Destiny 2 with his friends–go figure, right? It’s alright though as I get to binge my TV shows and write my blog! We work out well in that we enjoy being in each other’s company, but don’t need to be engaged in the same activity. Of course, the occasional night of drinking or game night is welcome, but not necessary on the regular.

Last thing I’ll note is that we are most definitely an “opposites attract” kind of couple, but fortunately, are aligned on most life values. That said, we still don’t see eye to eye on everything, and I’m sure I’ll write about topics of disconnect. Sometimes I wonder how I ended up with such a crazy, silly man, but he makes me laugh and takes care of me–what more could I ask for?


One aspect of life that’s been eye-opening is along with a husband came a now 9 year old stepdaughter. I will say, it wasn’t the easiest thing to welcome her into my life. I barely felt (or more accurately, feel) like an adult and when we were getting serious, I was nowhere near ready for children. Once we both came to the realize / understanding that developing a relationship would happen gradually, it was far less stressful. I will try to post activity, crafts and outing suggestions that work for this age!


I have two of these fluffy fools. Pixie is an (almost) all black female who is just over 3 years old. We adopted her from a shelter in February 2016 and she truly did not know how to be a cat, despite having lived with two others. She didn’t tolerate pets, didn’t like treats, and did not have a clue about using cat toys. It wasn’t until her brother, Bolt, joined our family in November 2017 did she learn proper cat mannerisms.

Bolt, our tuxedo cat, was super friendly from the get go. Even at the shelter, where many cats are anxious, he was happily up near the gate begging for pets. I should’ve known it would only get worse! Dude does not stop harassing Husband and I for pets (and food) on a daily basis. At least he behaves like a cat–kneads soft things (and me), can use a scratching post and the circle toy with a ballΒ that they chase around it, loves being pet–you get the gist. He has successfully modeled “How to Cat” for Pixie and she can now do most of the same–WIN! However, I should’ve thought more carefully about this as I now have not one, but two cats to harass me for attention. Ah well, it’s all love, right?

Now the pictures you have been waiting for…THE FLUFFS:

Comment below and tell me about yourselves! Do you have any of your own ridiculous pets? I would love to hear about them!


PS — I should also mention Bolt LOVES trying to steal my coffee, that thief!

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