Meet Squirrel

Hello future friends!

I am Squirrel, a young adult woman trying to navigate life, work, and overall adulthood.

You may be wondering the why behind my site name. For the time being, I am aiming to maintain a bit of anonymity, though this may change down the road. Squirrel is a nickname my husband gave me early in our relationship. I’m small, a bit frantic, and, frankly, eat like a squirrel.

The name Sincerely Squirrel is, despite the anonymity, a mindset to display my sincerest self with you all as I go through life as a newlywed, stepmom, catmom, and to-be parent (in the next year or two–I look forward to taking you on THAT adventure!). My desire to blog stems from a desire to share my story and life lessons, to interact with the amazing blogging community, and to share some tips and tricks that have helped me along the way. Stay tuned for craft ideas, recipes, and learnings from my ever revolving door of hobbies.

My hope is that you bear with me as I figure out this new blogging world and my life (ha). I’d love for you to engage and encourage you to share your stories with me.

I look forward to talking soon!