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10 Kids Activities and Outings to Try this Summer

Hello hello! How often do you go on Pinterest or other blogs and see TONS of kids activities for toddlers and young kids? I have nothing at all against them and truthfully, I’ll be seeking their advice in a couple years. On the flip side, I often see articles like “Top 10 Amusement Parks to Visit this Summer.” However, I currently have a 9 year old stepdaughter who needs a bit more stimulation than a 3 year old, but is not quite a thrill seeker. Now don’t get me wrong, there are PLENTY of adventurous 9 year olds. I just don’t have one at the moment. As a result, here is a round up of 10 suggestions for our kind of kids activities. Continue reading “10 Kids Activities and Outings to Try this Summer”

Easy Breakfast Burritos with Common Kitchen Staples

Normally the Sunday of Memorial Day is a day for relaxing in the nice spring weather with a barbecue roasting in the background. Unfortunately, for those of us in the New York area, today is anything but. It’s gloomy and was down pouring when I left the house to go grocery shopping this morning. I returned to the house much soggier than when I had left. That’s alright though as I was looking forward to making some delicious and easy breakfast burritos.

This recipe makes 2 adult sized (honestly bigger) burritos.


burrito ingredients(Not pictured: sausages, whoops!)

Continue reading “Easy Breakfast Burritos with Common Kitchen Staples”

A Bear and Two Cats

Hi reader!

I figured what better way to start this blog than to tell you a bit more about me and my everyday life.


I refer to my husband as Bear, but for the sake of my readers, I will just refer to him as my husband. People might be puzzled otherwise 😉 We met at work when I told him a corny IT joke that I won’t ever live down. However, I must say it worked as we ended up married 2 years later! Continue reading “A Bear and Two Cats”