Rest in Peace, Sweet Kitty

We lost our sweet, adorable, cuddly baby girl this week. Pixie, formerly known as Batman, passed away and I am heartbroken.

Our sweet kitty was only 3.5 years old–so young, TOO young to be gone. Earlier this week, we noticed she was lethargic and moving slowly. Two days ago, we noticed she stopped coming when called, wasn’t eating or drinking, and no longer demanded to be pet. She spent most of her time laying in the bathtub.

I brought her to the vet on Tuesday after work. Unfortunately, they were unable to diagnose her with anything as she had no other symptoms (vomiting, coughing, etc.). Our poor baby was just not herself.

The vet gave her subcutaneous fluids and gave me a syringe to feed her with. They took a blood sample and told me we should hear results by Friday. We were sent on our way.

This week, I was fortunate enough to work from home. Every hour or two yesterday I spent syringe feeding her a little bit of baby food and a bit of water. She seemed to be getting better. I wanted her to get better…

Last night, she headed into our hallway where she flopped down in this un-catlike position. I called my husband over and we were stuck. We didn’t know how to help. I grabbed my phone in an effort to find a vet who would do house visits, and in that moment she let out a painful cry. Husband went over to feel for her breathing, when she let out one last cry and passed away.

All of this transpired so quickly. Our baby girl was her normal playful self just this past weekend and in a couple days made a turn for the worst.

I didn’t tear much last night and thought there was something wrong with me. Today I realize I was in shock. I experienced a wave of emotions and today is filled with tears as we said our final goodbyes to our sweet little cat.

Pixie was my very first pet. She was always so silly and never vicious. In the last couple months, she finally seemed to feel at home with us. She was finally comfortable with cuddling with me on the couch while watching TV. I am heartbroken that she left us so soon.

Rest in peace, baby girl. Mama will love you forever.


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